"At the Dark times in our lives music can express the inexpressable" -I dont know

I don’t know if anyone reads my posts but i like letting off steam so i write anyway haha :) so im at massanutten with my family and im getting really pissed.. i have a 13 yr old cousin “alex” a 8 yr old cousin “claire” and a 15 cousin “kate” its really ironic because alex acts like a 6 yr old claire acts like an immature 8 yr old and kate acts 15.. so basicly i have 6 yr old 8 yr old and 15 yr old cousins… alex loves and i mean loves to correct people even when he has absolutely no clue what hes talking about…. he has epilepsy anger management and A.D.D… not a good combo for a short chubby 13 yr old who gets picked on alooootttttt. People always say oh he has issues its OK for him to act that way… imo A.D.D epilepsy and anger management dont give you a free pass to be a douche bag with no consequences…. and i hope to God people agree with me.. because if they dont that means my friends are right when they say our awesome country is becoming ammoral and way way way to accepting. Free passes of douchebaggeshness shouldnt be given out just because being a good person isnt always fun and/or easy.. and he causes alot of unwanted and unneeded drama and im sick of all the uptight people who wont just let things go!! im sicck of all the douchebaggery!!!!!! I g2g cause my computers dieing :/


first post

so this is my first post on tumblr… i got alot of stuff on my mind and i think this might help…  a little over 1 week ago me and my sisters friend started going out… weve told our closest friends.. but if we tell my sister shell be realllllyyy pissed… last night she figured out that we like each other which she got really upset about since we lied and told her we didnt like each other…. so we dont really know what to do… cuz we dont just wanna keep this a secret for along time…. my sisters pissed that we like each other so she says all this shit about what my gf is saying to her but the only reason shes saying it is so she doesnt know that weve been going out….. and the only reason my sister says it is to make me mad….




ugh…. fml….